Dawn Janáček

Dawn Janáček

SAG Eligible


I get things done and never give up. I am driven and biased towards execution and delivery taking on what needs to be done and owning it through to the end and beyond. I lead by example with tenacity and an extreme ownership ethic.

Birthdate : August 18
Email : dawnjanacek@gmail.com
Website : www.dawnjanacek.com
Certifications : TODO


  • 01

    Novel Love     Caroline Spencer     Damian Romay

    My Sweet Holiday     Sadie     Sandra L. Martin

    Deadman     Mrs. Riley      Michael Nash

    Unsullied     Emerson Wiley     Simeon Rice

    Bubba the Redneck Werewolf     Bobbie Jo      Brendan Rogers

    Oscar Pistorius: Blade Runner Killer     Red Carpet Interviewer     Norman Stone

    Most Beautiful Island     Candy     Anna Asensio

    Winter Colony     Veronica Hawthorn     Barbara Zagrodnik

    Here for the Night     Jennifer Reed     Taylor Ellis

  • 02

    Creepshow     Beth     Rusty Cundieff / Greg Nicotero

    MacGyver     Elise Deveroux     Anne Renton

    The Originals     Colette     Michael Grossman

    Delilah     Real Hyla Brook     Geoffrey Wing Shotz

    Dynasty     Aubrey Watt     Geoffrey Wing Shotz

    Ozark     Sherry     Allk Sakharov

    Cloak &Daggar     Belinda     Wayne Yip

    Sistas     Lindsay     Tyler Perry

    Still the King     Actress Charlotte     Lev L. Spiro

    Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell     Hester     Dave Willis

  • 03

    The Worst Argentinian     Angela     Robert Mello Studio Atlanta

    Dear Brutus     Lady Caroline Laney     Roebuck Theatre NYC

    A Sketch of New York     Actor     Producer's Club NYC

    The Kentucky Tragedy     Eliza Sharp     Treehouse Theatre NYC

    Grinchmas     Noel     Universal Studios Florida

    The American Princess     Lead Singer / Actor / Dancer     Arabian Nights Theater Orlando

    Mel's Dinettes     Cindy     Universal Studios Singapore

    The Mummy     Evelyn O'Connell     Universal Studios Singapore

    Terminator 2:3D     Kimberley      Universal Studios Florida

    The Pirate's of Penzance     Kate     Alhambra / Jax-Times Union

    Chess     Svetlana     J.U./Florida Theater

    Picnic     Madge     Orange Park Theater FL

    Oklahoma!    Laurey William     Lake City Theater FL


  • 01
    Jacksonville University

    Graduated magna cum laude with a BFA in Music Theater.

  • 02
    William Esper Studio

    Summer intensive with Bill Esper

  • 03
    The Barrow Group

    Shakespeare - Seth Barrish

  • 04
    Drama Inc

    On-Camera Auditions - Dustin Lewis

  • 05
    Art Sake Studio

    Core Film Acting - Yvonne Suhor

    Scene Study - Yvonne Suhor

    Meisner Activities - Christy Poggi

    Audition Workout - Yvonne Suhor

    Advanced Intensive - Yvonne Suhor

  • 06
    Anthony Meindl

    Acting Intensive

  • 07
    LA Acting Coach Shari Shaw

    On Camera Drama &Comedy Intense Workshop

  • 08
    Tim Phillips


  • 09
    Voice Training

    Amanda Colliver - Singapore

    Alexis Kramer - Orlando


  • dawnjanacek@gmail.com

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